In the close range there is the largest SKI-RESORT in Slovakia JASNÁ-Demänovská dolina. Once you are already full of the experiencies of this the most popular ski centre you might want to test smaller less busy ski resorts with maintained slopes for beginners as well as more experienced skiers.

Ski centre Iľanovo – Košútovo

Ski centre Iľanovo – Košútovo is a smaller ski resort in The Low Tatry, in about 4 km distance from Liptovský Mikuláš close to the village Iľanovo (500m from the guest-house ADAVY). The resort will especially satisfy the families with children as well as beginners. There is a medium difficult slope about 350m in length. There are an artificial snow making system and lightings installed and the ski slope is permanently maintained. The resort offers possibility of evening skiing which can be arranged also after the official working hours in cooperation with the resort personnel (for groups of 15 persons).

Ski resort Závažná Poruba – Opalisko 

is located at the north side of The Low Tatry, 6 km from Liptovský Mikuláš. Beginners as well as experienced skiers will be satisfied in this resort. There are 4 ski-lifts (including a double-seat lift), 3 ease and 2 medium difficult ski slopeswith the total length of 3,2 km. The slopes are equipped with the snowmaking system and artificial lightings. There is a possibility of evening skiing (if requested). There are also 4 tracks for cross-country skiing in total length of 27 km equipped with the artificial lightings.

Ski resort LA Žiarce

Ski resort LA Žiarce is located at the northern foothills of The Low Tatry mountains at the mouth of the Demänovská valley in the vicinity of the village Pavčina Lehota, 8 km from Liptovský Mikuláš. Everyone will be satisfied in this resort. There are 4 ski-lifts and 5 slopes of different difficulties available with the total length of 1.28 km. All slopes are equipped with the snowmaking installations which, together with a good location of the resort, guarantees the perfect condition of the snow cover until spring. The resort offers everyday evening skiing with excellent lightings. For the cross-country skiers there are 2 tracks with the overall length of 7 km.

Ski resort Javorovica

Ski resort Javorovica creates the entrance gate to the Jánska valley, 8 km from Liptovský Mikuláš. There are 4 ski-lifts and 5 slopes of different difficulties waiting for experienced skiers as well as for beginners. The length overall of the slopes is 2.11 km and all slopes are equipped with the snowmakers and frequently maintained to the high standard. The evening skiing is obvious. There is a 20 km long cross country ski track available. However we need to point out that alpine skiing is not permitted in the Jánska valley.

Ski resort Žiar Dolinky

Ski resort Žiar Dolinky is located at the southern foothill of The Western Tatry mountains, 10 km from Liptovský Mikuláš. There are 2 ski-lifts and 2 slopes (of which one is equipped with the snowmaking installation) available for beginners and average skiers. The length of all slopes is 0.65 km and they are continuously maintained to the high standard. There is also possibility for the evening skiing. During winter season there are 20 km of cross country tracks prepared and maintained to the high level in the Žiarska valley. The Žiarska valley is also ideal place for the alpine skiing. The site located at the end of the valley is accessible only by foot or skis and is intended for experienced skiers. International alpine skiing competitions are being organized in this area annually.

Ski resort Jasná

Ski resort Jasná is located at the northern slopes of the mountain peak Chopok which is the second highest peak in The Low Tatry mountain chain, 18 km from Liptovský Mikuláš. Length of all ski slopes (South and North) is 36,3 km. Ski-slopes – Chopok Sever (North) all together 17 ski-lifts and the length of slopes 24,8 km and Chopok Juh (South) all together 7 ski-lifts and 10,04 km of ski-slopes. Most of the ski-slopes are equipped with the snowmaking installations. There are also excellent conditions for the cross country skiers. There are two mechanically maintained and marked cross country tracks in the centres Lúčky and Jasná – Tri vody. There are also perfect conditions for the fans of snowboarding, excellent terrains for free-ride, with numerous rails, jumps and jibbing hurdles. Ridges of The Low Tatry are ideal places for alpine skiing. All who loves extreme and adrenaline sports can enjoy of totally five free-ride zones (three at the northern and two at the southern side). There is also a snowboard park opened during all the season and available for all skiers and snowboarders free of charge.


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