Beauty and mystery of underground world attracts thousands of home and foreign visitors every year.  Variety of drips’s shapes, their fragile beauty as well as massive underground drips and/or ice shapes document huge power of the nature.  You can encounter very exciting experience visiting so called “Liptovsky Kras” – an area of numerous underground caves of which three are open for public. 


There are two caves open for public in Demänovská valley: Demänovská cave of Liberty which is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe and Demänovská Ice Cave. In close proximity of Demänovská valley you can find another cave system in Jánska valley with Stanišovská Cave which is open to public as well. Another cave in Liptov region is Važecká Cave which as beautiful as a fairy-tale country. There are also a lot of abysses and other karstic and cave shapes (many of the not accessible for public in “Liptovsky Kras”) like the deepest Slovakian cave Old Castle Cave 432 m deep and Liskovska Cave where bones of ancient people were found with signs of cannibalism.

Demänovská Cave of Liberty

Demänovská Cave of Liberty is the most popular Slovakian cave. It is situated in Demänovská valley on the northern part of The Low Tatry in the Nature reservation Demänovská Valley. 150 to 170 thousand people visit the cave every year. The cave was discovered in 1921 and open to public in 1924. Distance LM – Demänovská Cave of Liberty is 12 km

Demänovská Ice Cave

Demänovská Ice Cave is situated in the Nature reservation Demänovská Valley which is part of the National Nature Park of Low Tatry. This natural monument was created in the grey blue middle trias lime stones and consists of four connected floors one below another. Distance LM – Demänovská Ice Cave is 10

Stanišovská Cave   

Stanišovská Cave is located in the northern part of the Jánska valley in the southern slopes of The Smrekovica Mountain at 766m above the sea level. This location is known from the ages and together with Great Stanišovská Cave are the most known historical sites in the Jánska valley. Distance LM – Stanišovská Cave is 10

Važecká Cave

Važecká Cave is situated in Važecký Karst at the western premises of the village Važec in the Valley of the river Biely Váh in the area so called “Pod Výškami”. It was created in the middle trias lime stones by the underground waters of the river Biely Váh. Distance LM – Važecká Cave is 33


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