Janska valley, a part of Liptov region, hides about 100km of underground caves on both sides of the valley. The most significant is Veľká Stanišovská jaskyňa. It entrance is at 760 m above the sea level and has several floors.

Leisure opportunities

For the fans of summer sports and fun Liptovsky Jan offers open-air thermal pools, lidos and in-door swimming pools:

Hotel Alexandra,

Hotel Sorea Máj,

Thermal Raj

Natural pool “Kada”

Liptovský Ján has a long spa care tradition as the first spas in Liptovský Ján were founded in the 19th century under the name “Svätojánske Teplice“.

Kindly pay a special attention to 14 mineral and thermal springs at the southern premises of the village.

Mineralised water with temperature of from 14.8 to 29.3 degrees of Celsius is recommended during metabolism discomfort, skin diseases, rheumatism, female’s problems and stomach and intestines disorders. It helps reducing blood pressure and improves conditions after thrombophlebitis and polios.


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