Liptovský mikuláš - Iľanovo

 are the right place for spending of the family holidays. Our apartments’ location offers you numerous options for active recreations. We will be pleased assisting you with arranging of your daily programme. In association with our partners we are able to arrange: ski school, renting of the sport equipment and other services. Our goal and policy is to provide the excellent and trouble-free vacations with the best possible services.


Liptovský Mikuláš - Iľanovo


Great location


Iľanovo is located at the mouth of the Iľanovská valleysurrounded by the peaks of The Low Tatry, an alpine mountain range in the northern Slovakia, at its northern foothills, in the Liptovská Kotlina, a plain in the river Váh valley. The High Tatry, lying North of the river Váh valley, rise to a maximum elevation of 2655m on Gerlachovský Štít. The Low Tatry, to the South, rise to 2043m on Ďumbier.

The surroundings offer possibility of a few hours long country-walks or whole day trips to the peaks of the alpine mountains of The High or Low Tatry as well as the heap number of the other attractions in Liptov region. There are numerous country paths crossing the nearest neighbourhood which can lead every visitor towards the most beautiful places of the Liptov wildlife. Iľanovo lays at 653 meters above the sea level (a.s.l.) and the stream Iľanovianka flows through the centre of the village. Iľanovo neighbours the village Závažná Poruba to the North and the village Ploštín to the West. The public transport is provided by city transport company MAD Liptovský Mikulášwith the bus line no.4.

There is a mountain hostel called Nezábudka and 400m long ski-lift at the mouth of Iľanovská valley. There is the green-marked mountain path which leads to the Iľanovské pass (1 253 a.s.l.), blue-marked path to Poludnicapeak(1548,7 a.s.l.). as well as the marked ski-track from Opalisko ski resort to Sedlo (pass) pod Kúpeľom (1 131,1 a.s.l.).

Liptov - heart of SLOVAKIA

Liptov is an area that you must definitely experience.


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